During and the day after, many people have been lamenting yesterday’s GOP debate. I’ve heard people call it a “clown show” “embarrassing” “a bunch of spoiled brats” etc.

My question to these people is: what did you expect?

Did people expect a robust debate on the merits of judicial review and jurisprudence that incorporates the Bill of Rights into the 14th Amendment, or how protectionist tariffs harm those people that are most vulnerable by increasing the prices of goods and services–maybe you expected them to discuss the merits of separation of powers, American sovereignty and the right to self-government?

RNC chair Reince Priebus has proven to be an woefully inept leader of the GOP and leaves the debates in the hands of networks that know exactly what they’re doing and have every incentive to do it.

Since the first debate on Fox News–that was more about ratings than helping the GOP electorate better understand where candidates stand on particular issues–they have been merely about ratings and advertising and the voter has been put on the back burner.

Most of these moderators and media outlets are hostile to the Republican platform as a whole, and one is hostile to the Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee wing of the GOP (Fox News). They delight in the hostility and the ratings frenzy they create.

All the candidates are left with is positioning and likability. They attack one another’s credibility and what you get is a cacophony of ad hominem’s and little, if any, substance.

The GOP is to blame, the networks are to blame and the electorate, which largely votes based on likability as opposed to substance, share some of the blame.

How else could a man with little substance and huge claims, that merely mimics the anger and frustration of an electorate desperately clamoring for the substance it deserves, be the commanding front-runner?

I’ve yet to hear a majority of GOP voters coalesce to take more control of their own debates, after all, these are THEIR debates to learn about THEIR candidates.

So let’s not act surprised when the GOP debates turn out exactly how they were set-up to be.